Fiancé Friday: Bailey and Thomas

We love love and we want to share stories from real couples falling in love, getting engaged and getting married! Meet Bailey and Thomas.


I met Thomas in July of 2011. The first time we hung out was at a lake and throughout the entire day, he had me constantly laughing from his funny jokes. To this day, one of my favorite things about Thomas are his jokes and that no matter what, he keeps me laughing and smiling. That night when we both got home from our long day at the lake, Thomas texted me with yet another joke and we have yet to stop talking to each other since. 

Thomas and I did not go to the same high school, but we both lived in the same town. We texted back and forth for almost a month before we went on our first date. In August we went and saw a movie just like any other cliché first date would be, but that was about the only part of our relationship that was like others. All throughout high school we both had afterschool activities and worked part time jobs. It always seemed like we were scheduled for the opposite days of each other. This made seeing each other difficult; however, we would always find random excuses as to why we needed to meet up.


Thomas finally (after I gave him a little nudge in the right direction!) asked me out in October. Nothing about it was planned. He ended up coming over right around my curfew, called me to come outside, jumped out of his truck, and said he did not know what he was waiting for because he wants no one else to be his but me. The fact that we were in high school and Thomas did not ask me out in this super planned and cheesy way made me like him even more. It was so much more “in the moment”. This has been how our relationship has continued to be and it has yet to get old.


We then graduated high school and decided to both go to Ball State University where our relationship grew even more. He decided to study construction management and I studied hospitality and food management. We had to learn how to grow with each other throughout college as we began to realize how we worked as a unit, but nothing was stopping us from being together. We had talked about marriage a few times throughout college. Although if you were to ask him, he would say that engagements and marriage was all my friends and I talked about.



In the beginning of this summer I took a trip to Central Europe and during this time, Thomas began putting the plan together. He was working with one of my really good friends to ensure that the proposal was exactly what I wanted. The day of the proposal, we were going to my parents’ lake house to celebrate one of our friend’s birthdays. The plan was that we were going to go into Nashville, Indiana for dinner. Towards the later part of the evening we all got dressed to go eat. He had me come down on the dock, toss a penny in the lake, and make a wish. Once I turned around, he was down on one knee and asked the question that every girl dreams about. Now even after the shock of everything I still can’t remember what he said to me because I was in so much shock…so ladies this “black out” that people talk about is completely true. I do remember asking “is this real?!” about a thousand times and Thomas finally having to say “yes, if you put on the ring it might feel more real!”


After I said yes and took the first couple of a million pictures, we took a boat ride. Once we got back and I went into the house there were decorations and pictures hung of Thomas and I throughout the years we have been together. As you can imagine, 5 years worth of pictures is a lot! Later that evening Thomas had some of my other closest friends, my family, and his family surprise me to celebrate our engagement. Thomas, with the help of friends and family, made this day more than I could have ever hoped and wished for! It was done at a special place that fits our relationship perfectly and I love that!


…We never did make it to Nashville, but I guess a ring and a celebration with my friends and family and the most perfect man is better than what we could of found in Nashville anyway.


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