Fiancé Friday: Samantha and Jared

We love love and we want to share stories from real couples falling in love, getting engaged and getting married! Meet Samantha and Jared.

 Jared and I met our freshman year of college through our dorm’s brother/sister unit dinners. We quickly became the best of friends. After surprising me with a birthday celebration in April and a visit to meet my family in May, we began dating July 9, 2014. It quickly became apparent that God had placed us in each other’s lives for a reason. 

Fast forward to my 21st birthday this past April. We had planned a weekend getaway to his house the weekend before finals. The night of my birthday we celebrated with his family. Jared had told me previously that Friday was our day to celebrate, just the two of us. I wasn’t suspicious at all when he let me know to be ready at four o’clock on Friday afternoon, because so many of our dates are full of surprises. Our first stop was in Fort Wayne, to eat dinner at O’Charleys. I ironically and innocently posted a picture of Jared eating and captioned, “We will see what is next up his sleeve.” That was followed by a quick walk around the outdoor mall, which ended with a visit to Barnes and Noble.

     I had to go to the bathroom, so we took a quick bathroom break. As I was waiting for Jared, I was looking at the book sections around us. I caught a glimpse of some wedding planning books. I found one I really liked. As Jared walked out, I called him over to me to show him how great this particular planner was. He smiled and offered to buy it. As I was explaining how I didn’t need the book, he added, “Well I guess it’s a little silly to buy it if we’re not even engaged. How bout I get it for you once we’re engaged.” I naively agreed.
Before we headed back home, he took me to the pet store, where we first held hands. I just took it as a sweet and adorable gesture of how far we’ve come.

     As we were driving back to his house, he said we have one more stop, which ended up being a beach on the lake he lives on. Once we got there, he apologized for the lack of sunset and explained he had been planning a sunset chase on the beach. We decided to do a short walk on the beach regardless. As we were walking alone on the beach, another car pulled in and two ladies with cameras got out. Jared pointed them out, and subtly questioned why they were there to take pictures if there was no sunset. I sassily replied, “Well we’re here, so why can’t they be?”. He laughed as we continued walking. We stopped in front of the water for a hug. Then he grabbed my hand and kissed it as he got down on one knee.

     I said “yes” before he even asked. He quickly said he needed to say something. After I said “yes” for the second time, I finally realized the camera ladies were for us. I was in shock to say the least. As we left to go back to his house, I called my family and a couple friends. Little did I know that when we walked into the house, my family (who lives three hours away) and some of our closest friends from school were there to celebrate with us. 

We had an amazing night of food and laughter. It was way better than anything I could have imagined. It was perfect. 

P.S. I got the wedding planner!

Pictures by Allison Hermans. 


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