Fiance Friday: Maggie and Branson

We love love and we want to share stories from real couples falling in love, getting engaged and getting married! Meet Maggie and Branson.

Love Story

Branson and I had attended the same High School, although we were two years apart. We both knew of one another through various activities such as 4-H and church functions, but it wasn’t until we both attended Passion (a Christian conference in Atlanta, Georgia for college students) with the same group of college students that we reconnected.

In the bus on our 12 hour drive home, we spent the majority of our time talking to one another. When we parted ways he did not ask for my phone number or contact information at all. I was really disappointed! About two months later, on my birthday, Branson reached out to me. From that point on, we have been together.


The Proposal

The night of our engagement, it was our one year anniversary. We went out to dinner at the place we had our first date at. He told me he had a surprise for me, but I needed to go back to school to get it. So we went back to Marion, Indiana and instead of going to the school, he drove around for what felt like forever.

Finally, he pulled up to this gazebo that was decorated with lights and candles leading up to the gazebo. In the gazebo he had made a chalkboard out of a window frame that had many significant dates to us. He had another window frame that had a Bible verse written in it with pictures of him and I around it. He also had rose petals in the middle of the gazebo where he eventually got down on one knee and proposed!

Some of my friends had helped him take pictures and capture a video that we now have forever. We are so excited to begin our future together!

Click here to see their adorable video! Video and proposal pictures by Photos by Yours Truly 





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