Fiance Friday: Miranda and Hunter

We love love and we want to share stories from real couples falling in love, getting engaged and getting married! Meet Miranda and Hunter.

The Beginning

Hunter and I met through mutual friends. I was head over heals for him fast, but was in denial that he actual liked me. After hanging out for 6 months as what seemed like friends to me (but to him were totally dates), he asked me to be his girlfriend after going out for pizza.

Just over 2 years had gone by(including 7 months of long distance-the first time across the country, the 2nd across the world) until he popped the question. We had brief conversations about getting married before, as a wedding photographer, I usually have to plan my life a year or so in advance. I was getting nervous that we would never have the chance to get married if we didn’t think about it soon, and our other future goals started in the following September so it was time we started thinking about it. I refused to talk much about it without a ring on my finger and it became obvious that he realized that after taking me ring shopping a few different times and searching wide and far on the internet for rings that he thought I would like.

The Proposal

A few weeks prior, he told me about a surprise party that we were having for a friends birthday and asked if I would be willing to take this friend to the surprise. I agreed to, but was confused why I hadn’t heard anything else about it and didn’t know why I made the best person to take her to the surprise (Immediately I became skeptical, but it also didn’t make sense why this wouldn’t be happening).

So life continued, Hunter laid subtle hints that he had no money to buy a ring, and I was more and more convinced that this event wasn’t going to be a proposal. The day of the surprise came and I dressed up a little JUST in case it might happen. Confession, I even painted my nails.¬†However, even the day of, my friends were throwing me off my suspicion.

I was supposed to be convincing that we were just going over to a church friend’s house to hangout (which I’m a terrible liar, I had no idea why I was given this assignment). However, my friend who I thought I helping to throw a surprise party for, knew all along that this surprise was for me and she completely threw me for a loop!

Once we got to the location no one was around. I knew this was because it was a surprise, and my friend acted confused (which I was thinking was perfect!). As I continued to think that I was leading her to the surprise, we got to a sign that had a flower crown and said to put it on. I said ” Oh this must be for you!” where she proceeded to say, “No, actually it’s for you.”

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Image: Hannah Elisabeth Photography

Immediately I began shaking with excitement and could feel the tears welling up. We turn the corner and so many of my friends and family were there with gorgeous wildflowers raised above their heads for me to walk through. And at the end of the tunnel, was Hunter with the biggest grin on his face. I could tell that he had lost any words that he was going to say, and I just said hello.

He proceeded to get on one knee and asked the question that the sign behind him already alluded to. ” Will you marry me.” I said “yes!” and then awkwardly didn’t know what to do with the gorgeous ring before me, so I took it and put it on, and then gave him a huge hug with my tears of joy. It was a glorious day that I will never forget!

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Images: Hannah Elisabeth Photography and Wendy Mj Photography


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