Fiance Friday: Micayla and Evan

We love love and we want to share stories from real couples falling in love, getting engaged and getting married! Meet Micayla and Evan.

Love Story

The first time Evan saw me was during the first few weeks of freshman year in college. We both attended Indiana Wesleyan University and I caught his eye as I sat outside eating dinner with some of the girls from my dorm. We had a class together that spring semester and every day he anxiously waited for me to walk through the door fashionably late…. We finally had our first interaction at the beginning of sophomore year when we had the same brother/sister units in our dorms. We started out by spending time with a big friend group until he was courageous enough to ask me to come down to the dorm lobby and watch an Ohio State football game with him (we now both live in Ohio and he is a HUGE Buckeye fan). Our friendship quickly grew into something more and after a few months we officially started dating.

All relationships have their ups and downs, and ours was tested during junior year when I spent a semester studying abroad in Italy. It was with patience and endurance along with our love for each other that allowed us to push through and in the end make our love stronger than we ever imagined! After many conversations about our future and where we would end up, he decided to put a ring on it!


The weekend before we graduated college, we took a trip home to move some of our things back to Ohio. We spent a beautiful spring afternoon with family and ended the day at a picturesque Italian vineyard and winery. While we walked around the property together he stopped, got down on one knee and popped the question. It was a happy and surreal moment and I can’t wait to marry my best friend!



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