Fiance Friday: Brandon and Britney

We love love and we want to share stories from real couples falling in love and getting engaged! Meet Brandon and Britney.

Love Story

In July 2015, Brandon accompanied Britney’s family to San Diego to see her brother graduate from the Marine Corps Recruit Depot. Britney had no idea Brandon was planning a surprise beach proposal, let alone already had a ring! Brandon worked with Britney’s dad to iron out the details of exactly how it would go down. Britney’s mom aided in Skyping Brandon’s family back home in Indiana so they could see the proposal live as well.

Brandon told Britney they needed to see a beach sunset while out in San Diego as he had never seen one (which wasn’t exactly the truth, but she was none the wiser!) The trip was arranged and Brandon had Britney’s sister took photos of them on the beach. After a few pictures were taken, he said “Wait, one more,” and bent down on one knee. Britney was completely shocked. She said yes!

As Brandon stood up to kiss Britney, a beach-full of onlookers cheered as the two became officially engaged. As the group began to leave the beach to head to a celebratory dinner, they passed by a family sitting on the beach. The family asked if it was a real proposal (who fakes a proposal?) and when the answer was “yes,” they asked if Brandon and Britney saw the green flash of the sun as the last of it ducked below the horizon. (They had.) The family indicated a green flash of the sun is representative of everlasting love.


Photos: Alex Holt Design


Congrats Brandon and Britney! We are so excited for the two of you to start your lives together!


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