Fiance Friday: Kenny and Lexi

We love love and we want to share stories from real couples falling in love and getting engaged! Meet Kenny and Lexi.


Love Story

My respect and admiration for Kenny has only grown over the past four years. I had always known there was something special about him since the first day I met him. He always stood out from the others. We would frequently meet for coffee at the campus coffee shop to talk about life’s events. And although there was no interest at the time, those talks over coffee quickly secured a great friendship worth remembering after leaving Indiana Wesleyan.

I attended Indiana Wesleyan my freshman year, where I first met Kenny. For the next 3 years, I often wondered what my purpose of being at IWU was, and I can truly and honestly say that I believe the Lord had me at IWU mainly to meet Kenny. Although we didn’t keep in touch well throughout the three years, September 27, 2014 I was pleasantly blind-sided when two old friends decided to visit me in Elkhart. David Magallanes, Kenny Hall and I spent a long beautiful day catching up on the last 3 years of life. Little did I know, Kenny and Dave had been talking the week before about the qualities within a girl they would like to marry. Since that day, Kenny has told me he realized that I was meeting each of those qualities he had listed just days before reconnecting. Through the Lord’s doing, He saw it that we would have the opportunity to meet the following week. After leaving on the 27th, Kenny texted me to share about his week, and I reminded him that I would be closer to IWU just that following week and would enjoy catching up, just like the good old times.

October 4th, I drove to the Abbey Coffee Co., in Marion Indiana, where Kenny had mentioned he wanted to meet over coffee. On my drive, I boldly prayed that the Lord would allow Kenny to be completely open and honest with me about how he felt about me so that if a friendship was all we had, I could be at peace about it.

At the end of 2 hours of catching up, Kenny shared how much he had enjoyed reconnecting the previous week, and over coffee. He shared that God was leading us both in the same direction in life, and he romantically asked if he could pursue me intentionally. With a blushing smile, I said yes. What an answer to prayer!

For the next month, we looked forward to our weekly dates, and began to learn what a distance relationship would look like. On November 9, 2014, Kenny asked me to officially be his girlfriend. Over the next 8 months, Kenny and I learned how to pursue each other intentionally through long skype dates, long phone calls, and thousands of text messages. Although it wasn’t fun, we had the unique blessing of intentionally learning each other’s hearts from a distance. Each week we were giddy with excitement to see each other face to face when we planned a new, fun date. Our love continued to grow and it became apparent that I needed to move closer to Kenny. In July 2015, I made the big move to Indianapolis to end our distance relationship. Our love grew quicker and stronger because we were able to see each other every day. It was obvious the Lord was leading us to marriage. On November 19, 2015, Kenny got down on one knee and asked me to be his bride, and with no hesitation, I of course said yes! We are so excited to be married on July 23, 2016 and look forward to what the Lord has in store for us.

Engagement Story

Thursday evening, one of my best friends, Carmen, had planned a girl’s night with me to go shopping, do our nails, and talk about Kenny…and her husband Mike– typical girls night, of course. Kenny had an Orr Fellowship meeting that night for work, or so I thought. Carmen met me downtown in Carmel and I knew she wanted to check out an antique shop close by, so that’s where we went first. (I was pumped considering I LOVE antique shops!) We walked in and I was taking my sweet time in each booth, as Carmen was anxiously anticipating my upcoming engagement — which I had no idea about!

We came upon a booth that caught my eye. It was full of wood crates and old records. Carmen pointed out a cool picnic basket that I thought looked just like mine that I had bought a couple months prior with Kenny. I went to look at it, and to my surprise, I recognized items inside the basket that I had given Kenny throughout our relationship. My first thought was—”Umm…someone made the exact same gifts that I gave Kenny?! Whaaaaat?” And then I thought—”Wait a minute. Why is he selling the stuff I gave him?!” Confused, I looked at Carmen, and saw Kenny walking around the corner. I backed into the corner out of surprise, and I realized what was about to happen. My best friend was about to ask me to spend the rest of my life with him. Kenneth Lee knelt down on one knee and told me some sweet nothings that I honestly don’t remember (and neither does he!) and asked me to be his wife. Without hesitation, I said “YES!!!”

He took me to dinner and told me we would call our families later. He told me all about the planning that went into buying my beautiful ring, and making sure it was all a surprise. He told me he was so relieved all the surprises were over, and he convinced me they were. So I thought. We went back to his apartment to celebrate with our friends, Mike and Carmen. When I walked in the apartment, both of our families and friends were waiting for us – What a surprise! The rest of the evening and the following day (which Kenny got us both off work) was spent celebrating our engagement. Kenny’s parents booked a room at Olive Garden Friday evening where the surprises continued when more people that we love walked in. I was shocked and so excited! I was blown away by the effort and secret keeping my man had put into the engagement. The surprises were finally over and we were engaged and loving every second of it!


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