6 Steps to Improve your Listing’s Pictures

Don’t listen to the lie that you need a professional camera to take quality pictures. Yes, of course, it does not hurt, but you can still take great pictures with the camera on your trusty cell phone.

Your listing pictures are arguably the most important part of your listing – it is the first thing that prospective renters or buyers will see and it is also the only  way that they will be able to decide if the item is something that they would like to spend their money on. We all know how different it is buying something at a store vs buying something online.

Here are some tips for the best possible images for your listings:

  1. Natural Light is Your Friend

And I mean best friend. Natural light will bring out the best in your items and make it easier to see every detail. Using a flash is at times necessary, yes, but it often will blow out the item and make the picture very unattractive.

Photo Credit: The Sits Girl

2. Use a solid background

Find a solid wall in your house (next to a window!) to photograph your item. Neutral colors are ideal so that the background does not distract from your item.

3. One Thing At A Time

Ensure that your item is the only thing in your shot. We love your rustic chic kitchen chairs and what you had for dinner as much as you do, but again, it is very distracting! It will also not leave a good impression on other users, if the image catches their eye at all.

4. Show It In Action!

Your cases of mason jars are fantastic, but let’s be honest. Which picture draws your eye first? If possible, show your item how it can be used to help give other users ideas of how they can use your item in their wedding.

5. Clean Your Lens

Who knows what is on your lens. Dust and lint can allow here from jeans pockets and the countless surface it sits on. Gently use a soft, clean cloth to wipe your lens. Or if necessary, a T-Shirt will do the job.

6. Say No to Zoom!

Zooming in with your phone can cause the image to pixelate. If you want a closer up shot, physically move the phone/ camera. You’ll see a big difference!




You are ready to take awesome pictures for your listings! Remember that you can include multiple images on a listing, so play around with angles and settings to get a great shot. Visit Lend the Love’s website to list your items and as always, email us at info@lendthelove.com if you have any questions – we are always happy to help!


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