Fiance Friday: Kate and Zach

We love love and we want to share stories from real couples falling in love and getting engaged! Meet Kate and Zach.


Zach and I started dating the summer after our sophomore year of high school. He played basketball for my dad and took a chance “braving coach” to date me. We dated throughout high school then went to separate colleges, which presented a new challenge: long distance. Zach graduated a year early and quickly found a job in our hometown.

The Proposal

The day of my engagement, I thought we were having a birthday party for his little sister. My mom “randomly” took me to get my nails done that day and when I get home, a letter was waiting for me from Zach telling me that my day was about to be an adventure.

Each letter led me to different members of my family and his where they handed me the next letter, 10 cards in total. Of course, it was the first snow of the year so it took me five hours  to get to where Zach was waiting for me.  This last stop was his grandma’s local coffee shop. I walked in to a card waiting for me, telling me to push play. There was a screen, speakers and cameras set up as I watched a ten-minute video that Zach had created. At the end of the video, it said “turn around” and there he was!

He did such a great job keeping it a secret – I didn’t even know that he was ring shopping! We were each other’s first boyfriend/ girlfriend and six years later, I still can’t believe that I get to call him mine. I feel so blessed by his love each and every day.


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