Fiance Friday: Mallory and Nat

We love love and we want to share stories from real couples falling in love and getting engaged! Meet Mallory and Nat.

Love Story

A friend introduced Nat and I back in May of 2013 when he offered to help move me into my new apartment. Nat was a total gentlemen and helped move in all of my furniture. I knew that day that I didn’t have just an ordinary crush. Nat was the most kind man I had ever met and I knew that the first day we spent any time together.
Three days later, Nat was sent to Fort Sill, Oklahoma to begin basic training for the Army. We began to write each other letters throughout basic and then throughout his Advanced Training after basic. When he sent his first letter, I was shopping at the mall and my best friend Allison called me and told me I got a letter from him, and I came straight home. I had never felt more giddy. After his graduation from basic, Nat went to his Advanced Training. During this time, he had his phone at night from 6-8pm. Everyday from 6-8pm Nat and I talked on the phone, texted back and forth, and Snap-chatted until ‘lights out’.
Nat finally came back home labor day weekend. I changed outfits 6 times. I cried twice. He texted me and said “On my way to you”. Nat drove straight to my house and we had our first kiss in my back yard as soon as he got out of his truck. The next day we went on our first date to the Mumford and Sons concert, our favorite band. Honestly I knew that I loved him before he was even home from the Army. We first said ‘I love you’ two weeks after our first date. Two and a half years later we are engaged to be married and living 704 miles away from each other.


Nat is back in Fort Sill, Oklahoma reclassifying for a new job until Memorial Day weekend. Having to go over 100 days without seeing him is incredibly hard but now we have to chance to get back to the basics and writing each other letters every day.
Nat is the most humble, generous, intelligent, loving man I have ever met and I am so blessed to be loved by him.

The Proposal

Nat moved to North Carolina in December of 2014. I was lucky enough to be offered an Internship for that coming summer in Chapel Hill, NC. I moved down to North Carolina in May to join Nat for the summer. We had been talking about our future and what we both wanted and I was starting to get suspicious of what he had planned. Every time we took a trip I thought he was going to propose. But it wasn’t until our trip back to Missouri right before I returned to school that he proposed.
We went to the St. Louis Botanical Gardens with Nat’s little brother Billy and were exploring the grounds. We made our way to the Rose Garden where Nat’s parents were married to take a picture for their upcoming anniversary. I took a photo of Nat and Billy pretending to get married and then Nat asked me to come take a picture with him. I didn’t think anything of it, we took a picture and I walked away. Nat called my name and he was down on one knee. I don’t remember a word he said but I was in shock and said “Is this real life?” Billy videotaped the whole thing.
We went back to his parents house and shared the good news and I began to call my whole family. My mom had the weirdest reaction and my dad didn’t answer or call me back. Nat’s family and I had tickets for the St. Louis Cardinals game that night, as we arrived to our seats my parents were waiting for us. I was shocked and so incredibly happy. My mom was acting weird when I called because she was driving to surprise me, and my dad was with her. It was an amazing day and so, so special.

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